Who runs the world? God or Man himself for an atheist. But who runs a corporate event? Definitely, if you want everything smooth, it has to be a professional corporate event planner. It is always good to take proper precaution. Hence, in order to have a successful business event, an event planner must review all the problems that could arise during the course of the event or before it. Some of the most frequently occurring challenges or common problems to look out for as an event planner are given below:


In certain countries in the world, it is very common to have tornadoes, hail storms and hurricanes. These have increased significantly in the past decade. Due to these reasons, a corporate event well-planned on a prior basis can be stalled. An event planner must be cautious and should prepare for such an event. The planner can either disaster-proof the venue or come up with another alternative plan B. It is very important that the planner has a second venue in mind, which is nearby and that can be booked last minute. It must not be in high demand during that time of the year. Also, weather insurance must be kept handy, in case the event needs to be canceled or postponed due to uncertain weather conditions. And if the corporate event is selling tickets, this is especially important because the guests will want their refund. A professional corporate event planner will have a plan B, C, D, and E, whether or not they are used. This will make one stand out in case any mishap happens at the last moment the planner will be ready with what to do next.


Every event planner has an estimate of the number of guests that are going to attend the corporate event. In case, more than the estimated attendees arrive, it is a joyous moment but it’s a hectic task to organize, seat and feed everyone. One must keep a close eye on the social media mentions, event forums and the regular activity going on in the event app. It must be realized if people engaging on these platforms are larger than the number of people that are expected to attend, plans must be adjusted accordingly. Over-audience is a major event problem even if you sell the tickets beforehand or the registrations are filled up ahead of time, and mess up can happen last moment that the planner must be well prepared for.


It is important to realize that the audience needs some time here and there to relax and cool down. A strict schedule line up will only put them off, stress them up and they will not be able to concentrate properly on the programs. Just make sure you give them breathers such as:

  • Just give them well assigned free periods between the event program where no activities and keynotes are done. The event must be on hold for a while at that time.
  • The lunch break timing must be clearly stated prior to the event. Even if the timing is not fixed formerly, the lunch breaks must be suggested between the program.
  • A specific downtime must be given which is completely separate from the event networking; this is where the guests take a breather, especially the introverts. They really value this little stoppage in between events.
  • If the corporate event is a multi-day affair, an early wrap up at the end can really be very relaxing for the attendees. It will help the attendees not to burn out and focus better the next day as well.



Proper budgeting is a very important aspect of event planning and also one of the most challenging one. A lot of things might just come up unexpectedly during the course of the event or event before the event has taken place. Many changes take place in the event planning process, so basically it is wise to keep the expenses modest. One can also do a comparison of the budgets of the previous events and assess them properly so as to understand what can be better this time around. If you receive a new client, a corporate event planner must not be scared to consider data from the company’s previous gatherings so as to understand and get a feel on how much they normally spend on every occasion. Many requests can be made during the corporate event but it is important to analyze them through the lens so as to how they are going to affect the timeline and the budget. Whoever is suggesting these changes, a planner must inform them that the entire budget will be affected due to this alteration and the numbers will subsequently change.


The major problem with under-staffing is that it becomes visible mostly on the day of the event when nothing can be done. It should be noted that prevention is always better.. HR personals are very much experienced in knowing the exact staffing levels that are required most of the time. It is important to talk to the stakeholders and receive ample information about what they need for the day of the event. An organized way is to assign title and role to each of the staff giving a detailed description of their responsibilities. A quick way to make the staffing decision is to predict the least of the attendees and the maximum of the attendees that could show up. Then take the middle number and staffing can be done accordingly. Apart from this, always keep a few staff members on call.


There must be a wiggle room in the event timeline for it to run smoothly. Neglecting this important issue could cause problems in the corporate event. However, certain steps can be taken to avoid this problem overall. It can be considered beforehand that which tasks are actually important and which are not urgent. Priority must be set in advance. The number of programs or events on one particular event-day must be set on a schedule, having enough time between both the events. This is because even if a certain program goes on for a little more while, the following program must not be hampered and must flow smoothly. Thus, all the consequent events on the day will effortlessly happen.


 Event planning is no piece of cake. It is a tough job at the beginning especially. Awareness of this can actually save you a lot of headaches in the future. It is better to have this knowledge that many glitches are going to arrive one after the other in the work scene. One might go clueless as to what to do in some of the situations. However, there are certain ways in which you can figure out how to go ahead like understanding what went wrong and then solving it. One mistake must only be done once and then learned simultaneously. In the future, in order to have a glitch-free event, these mistakes must be avoided; hands-on involvement must be done because no amount of theoretical knowledge can be compared to raw experiences. Many problems will arise, accept them and with time, you can be a pro at corporate event planning by having multiple backup plans for each event.


When there are too many vendors and people involved in the event process, it is very easy to leave out one or two or even multiple vendors sometimes. This can create a huge mishap in the event as major things can be forgotten and at the end moment, the event can be botched. All the vendors must be dealt with at the appropriate time and in a proper manner. Similarly, any changes by the vendors in the requirements must be informed immediately to the event planner. The lines of communication with the event planner, the client and the vendors must be absolutely open for the success of the corporate event.


One must take special care about the wants of the company hosting the business event, however, sometimes what the managers want might not be acceptable by law. This might lead to the local authorities protesting against the event or even the law and venue owners might have a problem. The society at large must also be supportive and the event must not go against any social norms or beliefs of the people in general. If the managers of the company want something exclusive like a grand product launch with fireworks, it must be noted that it shouldn’t go against the law constraints. The corporate event planner must also remember, very importantly, that the national and local government regulations are followed by your event company in general. Also, business insurance must be in order correspondingly to have the events sufficiently covered.


The technological trends must be updated by the event organizers. It can seriously impact the event manager’s ability to find and retain clients if they are not updated with the latest technology or are not keeping up with the latest of the aesthetic trends. One must be updated with the newly started online marketing trend. They must also be updated with the online RSVP world. When these needs are not consistently met, the clients will run elsewhere. This is the reason that it is important that technological trends are met. Good event management software can help you to stay on top of your managed events. This software helps you to measure the results and performance of the events that your team does and also helps you manage multiple events simultaneously. Today the entire society is very high-tech and has a very fast-paced lifestyle. The world is technology-driven and development is inevitable. Hence, if one fails to cope up with these advances, they might be up for a huge failure as even less than 20-year-olds today know everything about the latest technology. It is important to broaden your horizons and fill up the knowledge gap.


Well, corporate event managers, these days have a lot in hand undeniably. This is because every corporate giant wants to hire an event planner to take away all the stress of the business event and for smooth running of the function. This can result in many events happening simultaneously for a corporate event planner. It can be very difficult to handle such situations but compartmentalizing is very helpful here. The work-life can be very organized and balanced in this way. If there is any confusion between two entirely different corporate events, there might be a huge mishap and one might lose very important clients. Any little mistake in managing the corporate event and the company might lose major clientele and blame the corporate planner totally. Therefore, when two class-apart events are to be planned at the same time, one must possess good listening skills and time management abilities. Every corporate client has different requirement and one must pay close attention to it. The corporate event planner must pitch and plan with full concentration for each client separately. Every corporate client demands individual attention as each is paying the planner separately and also, every corporate’s identity is very different from the other.


It is not wise at all to avoid the small details in any event. In fact, it is the attention to detail that makes the event stand out exceptionally. The coordinator and the events manager need to sweat the small stuff. One must accept that they don’t know everything and then must keep a learning mind for each and every little thing. If the corporate giant does not want a particular thing, the corporate event planner must keep that in mind and avoid that as well as everything related to it. If the thing to be avoided is still included, the company will not like the absent-mindedness. One must see their mistakes in order to solve them. Hence, feedback is important as corporate event planners then realize what mistakes they have done, big or small, and how to correct each one of them. These mistakes should be avoided in the future.

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