Why can’t I do it all by myself? Why hire an event planner? Is it really required? Why not let my office staff handle it and save all that money? Don’t worry! All your questions will be answered with all the details that are mentioned below. It can be extremely beneficial to your business, the staff, and the event when a proper corporate event planner is hired as it gives the following advantages:


It is a common belief system that event planners are expensive. Rather, it is the other way round. When you plan a corporate event by yourself, you do not save that much as you will not get the best prices for all services on your own. However, an event planner has healthy relationships with all the suppliers and that is why they are offered heavy discounts on all services that otherwise one will not get. These planners will also advise on the places where one can do cost-cutting. For a business wanting to plan an event, it is very time-consuming to reach out to each and every service provider for the corporate event and also it is very expensive to book them single-handedly. The event planners, on the other hand, pass on their preferred rates to you. They also vouch for the high quality of their affiliated service providers since they have already recommended them for numerous other clients and every time it was successful. Due to this, one can just enjoy great peace of mind depending totally on a trusted event planner as they already have a list of reliable venues, staffing agencies, restaurants, DJs, flower boutiques, bands and more. Through these industry connections, their ability to economize the event is uncanny.


When one has a limited time span to plan a corporate event, just don’t think twice before hiring an event planner. It is a very challenging task to plan an event whole and sole for any business. The business may have its own objectives due to which they are organizing such a major corporate event. Therefore, the hectic planning might bog down the executives to meet these objectives. A committed event planner will make sure that all the deadlines are met and the event organized is systematic, proper and also within the pre-set budget. There are so many things that need to be arranged at the perfect time and a professional event planner has an entire dedicated team to manage each and every area of the event. The staff and executives do not have to worry a thing about timely planning and just have to relax and enjoy the corporate event.


Since the event planners are very passionate and creative in their jobs, they give complete attention to detail and passionately bring new and innovative ideas to your event. They live and breathe event planning on a day-to-day basis and that is why they put all of their sweat and clear vision to fulfill your corporate event dream. They are experts and know every detail like how the chairs need to be angled or how the various colors affect the moods of the guests. They will keep the technical and practical needs in mind too like the number of chairs required and what food is to be served. Overall, the experts take care of every detail so that the final event looks and feels great. The guests at the corporate event feel very special due to such a creative and in-detail arrangement.


It is extremely stressful to plan a corporate event because of the main tension points such as location, guest list, budget, and catering. Apart from all this, there are several smaller things to be coordinated in a selected time period which is very difficult to do. Also, the staff and executives have other responsibilities and business goals to accomplish too. If an event planner is not hired in such a case, the staff and executives will be so tired after planning the entire corporate event that they will not be able to appreciate the finished product. When one leaves the entire stress on the event planner, the business executives and staff can enjoy the event and also spend time connecting with the guests as the logistics and planning are handled very well by the professionals. The stress levels can be very high if you decide to do it yourself. Instead of enjoying the event, having fun and focusing on achieving the objectives, one will have a headache as to manage all the little details related to the event.


The main reason and business objective to plan this corporate event must be achieved. When the executives and staff will be busy with the corporate event planning, they will not be able to meet these goals accurately. Hence, an event planner is a must for hiring during these events like a product launch, special client event, annual AGM or even company conference. It is time-saving to hire a corporate event planner for such events and also it saves costs. They also make sure that the business attracts the right type of audience at the event and ensures that the event of the business is on-brand. If the business staff takes every planning detail in their hand, the scenario becomes really stressful because one has to achieve the business objective as well as the event arrangement job.


When a corporate event planner has good and strong connections with the various suppliers, vendors and hotel owners that are needed for the event, they can exercise strong negotiation skills with them to get the best prices out of all the services. Only an event planner can get such kind of discounts and price reductions otherwise the full price is very high. These planners have done many numerous events in the past due to which they have healthy relationships with the vendors and suppliers and that is why they give you a value for money price.

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