A business can do numerous mistakes while presenting an exhibition stall which can reduce the footfall received by the booth at the event. Making simple yet easy changes while putting up the exhibition booth can easily drive more visitors to your stall and in turn, prove very beneficial for your brand. The business may be unsuccessful in the exhibition because of many reasons such as:


An exhibition stall design must look extremely fabulous to attract visitors to it. An exhibition stall designer can also be hired for the same. The attendees judge the exhibition booth by looking at the décor so just remember, the booth is your shop window that day. If the décor is cheap, messy and unattractive, it gives a hint to the customers that the brand runs the business shabbily and does not give any importance to customer satisfaction and feedback. The stall must not look like that everything is just thrown in together in an untidy manner. The guests at the exhibition might or might not know about your business and may not have even heard the name of your brand. So basically going for a mysterious theme is a waste of time as hardly anybody is interested then to enter and know more about the business. People are just going to ignore mysterious-looking stalls most of the time and go in for an attractive and fun looking exhibition booth. A stall designer can make your stall eye-catching and also relevant to the brand at the same time so that the potential customers can flock in the booth all the time.


When a visitor enters an exhibition stall, he/she might expect to receive a freebie such as a trademark pen, a drink or free snack or maybe just a literature piece to give away for the attendees. This attracts more guests to come to your trade fair stand just for the freebies that the brand is giving away. Also, they will have a literature piece so if the stall is full and they do not receive the entire information regarding your products and services, they can just read the pamphlet or leaflet of your business and receive an ample amount of information.

An exhibition might be very successful but if they do not give away proper takeaway literature, the exposure might be reduced as the staff might not be able to talk to everyone if the stall is crowded, these leaflets help the avoided people to understand about the business and they can contact later on. The potential clients should not walk away empty-handed, they must take away some freebie or leaflet to remember the exhibition stall and then reach out to them easily whenever they require.


The organizers are to be blamed mostly if the event does not go as planned or thought of most of the time. The business must promote the stall prior to the event to maximum levels so as to receive a high number of attendees on the event day. If the exhibition booth is not promoted properly, the right kind of people does not arrive at the stall because they do not find the stall enticing enough. The marketing of the stall must be done properly to avoid this mishap. When there is less or no crowd in the stall, all the expenses and time put on the exhibition stall is wasted. Therefore, it is important to inform the people that your brand is going to be there at the exhibition so that maximum attendance is received on the event day.


An attendee can just enter a stall and the staff could just be busy chatting, eating or just on the phone. When nobody gives any heed to the attendee, they are bound to leave the exhibition stall. There must be a kind of enthusiasm among the staff that would want the visitors to enter but at the same time, they must not force them into buying anything that they don’t want. The staff needs to realize that the visitors are already very intimidated before entering any exhibition stand and unwelcoming behavior just adds to their discomfort. The staff must not huddle together and do their own discussions during the exhibition hours. It shows a kind of disrespect and unimportance towards the attendees interested in visiting the exhibition stall. Only friendly and welcoming staff can invite more guests to the stall.


Mostly one of the main reasons that the business chooses to put up an exhibition stall is to capture enough leads that build up a good and strong database. The selling business can be done later on but the primary aim is to capture as many leads as possible. It is very important to generate the leads proactively and get all the necessary details from the stall visitors. However, the staff must not waste too much time speaking to one prospect as that will just lead to ignorance of other potential clients. The time is such a premium on the day of the exhibition that appropriate time must be given to each visitor and then move on to the next and then the follow up can be done at a later point when there is free time.

The exhibition stall is a waste of time and cannot win any business if the leads are not followed up. Only when the show visitors or potential clients are contacted through the database collected during the exhibition, the business gets a good response from the customers who then choose the brand consecutively. Only the company that stays in touch with the clients enjoys flourishing business. If the database collected at the exhibition booth is a lot but no follow up is done with the clientele post-exhibition, the records collected are a waste of time and money and nothing could yield out of them that is advantageous to the business.


The objective of putting up the exhibition stall must be clear so that efforts can be put accordingly to achieve those goals during the exhibition. For instance, a business can aim that a specific number of leads must be collected during the exhibition and one must make sure to outnumber the target leads. When the marketing manager is motivating in nature and encourages the staff to generate more and more leads, the exhibition stall can successfully achieve the goal for which it has aimed. While if there are unclear objectives so as what to do and how much to achieve, the staff remains unfocused as there are no goals to be accomplished and the exhibition stall proves waste of time and money for the business.

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