One does not get a second chance to make a first impression. Hence, do it wisely and give the best first impression that you can. Many people rely completely on the first impression to go for the second one. A first impression is irretrievable so make sure that your exhibition booth is attractive at one look. The attendees decide on entering the stall if they find the exhibition booth design attractive and worth a gaze. The primary message of the stall must be of ease, warmth, and openness. A guest must feel like entering the booth and checking out the company’s products and services in order to have a successful trade fair show. Here are 6 amazing ways to give a great first impression with the exhibition stall design, as follows:


It is very important to greet the guests well. The staff must be well-trained to be nice and hospitable to the attendees. Once a guest enters the exhibition hall, they must be greeted with a warm welcome saying, “Good afternoon, welcome back” to the guests who have already and come before. Also, the staff can say, “welcome to our exhibition stall, hope you enjoy it” to the people coming for the first time to your booth. One can always come up with a new way to make the first impression long-lasting for the attendees at your exhibition stall. Good greetings by the executives in the stall make the guests feel important and they want to spend some time looking at the products and services of the business.


One can start the event early at 9:00 am in the morning, but the attendees start coming at their own time so don’t rush or have any anxiety about it. People might be coming from a long journey which might be very tiring. Everybody needs to travel to the event so they might take time to reach the exhibition venue and then take their passes and enter. One must recognize their efforts to come to your trade fair stand and accordingly have a comfortable seating area kept aside with coffee before they register for your business. This takes any pressure off them and they will really be happy with this thoughtful gesture. It is a very famous quote that people will not remember what you say but will always remember how you make them feel. So, any small change in your exhibition booth design that makes the guests feel special will make them remember your stall for a long time to come.


The exhibition stall must not be so crowded that it drives the guests away. Even the potential guests might feel too claustrophobic to go into the stall and might skip it altogether. Nobody likes to wait in a long line for entering an exhibition booth. However, at the same time, a minute wait is fine as people like to see a few folks ahead of them psychologically. This makes them feel that they are going to a booth that is preferred by the majority of the public. One does not need to stress for a 100% empty line because that could actually make the booth dull. But also make sure that people do not wait for more than a few minutes. The consequence of this can be that the guests who were previously eager to explore the trade fair stand can lose their interest. So a balance must be maintained as to the number of people in and out of the stall so that the exhibition stall is a success.


It is very easy to overlook this aspect of the exhibition stall design. However, it is very important as a proper well-lit stand can give a very good first impression to the guests coming to the exhibition. Correctly used lighting enhances the aesthetic appeal of the exhibition stand and one can also use additional lights apart from ones provided by the venue organizers. Special up lights, spotlights, and colored lights can highlight the different areas within your exhibition stall to make the guests focus on anything particular that you want to showcase. The stall designer can also use colored lighting so as to give the stall an exclusive and distinctive feel in comparison to other adjoining stands. The attendees automatically enter your stall passively when angled lightboxes are used at the entrance. Due to this, they are drawn into the booth subconsciously.


The first impression is very important and your team must be very well dressed and well-groomed even more than the visitors coming to the stall. They must also be well-educated and trained to answer any queries regarding the company’s products and services confidently and effortlessly. There might be a dress code for the staff that the company must have provided. All staff must follow that to maintain a commonality and avoid any confusion. Even if a staff member is out of the booth, they must be easily recognizable. The attendees must be comfortable to approach them effortlessly. They must also not casually dress because it might look disrespectful to the other event stall organizers.


Technology is a very important arena these days and it can prove very beneficial to add it to your exhibition stand. A different kind of technology can attract new visitors in large numbers to your stall as it gives a high-tech impression to the attendees. They might just enter to explore the new machine that you have put up at your stand. If the company is having a technology business, they can put their own new products on display. Also, videos could be played and rotating images can be installed in the stall to give a good first impression. Advanced technology creates attendees’ interest in your booth. A virtual reality experience can be given to the guests by installing touchscreen kiosks and projection mapping which are trending event tech ideas these days.

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