An Exhibition Booth is basically a stall organized in an exhibition so that the companies in a particular industry can display and demonstrate their recent products and services, understand the activities of their rivals, and also study the recent market currents and opportunities. An exhibition booth is basically for people to exhibit their goods and services in an organized manner which enables the brand to attract potential buyers and suppliers. Hence, exhibition stalls play an important role in marketing as well as business networking in sectors that require them.

The Exhibition stall requires an ample amount of investment in terms of time as well as money by the organisation. A well-planned out booth with a perfect combination of displays, promotional kiosks, telecommunications, service showcasing and public relation specialist makes for an ideal exhibition booth that attracts local customers. Any booth should have the perfect combination of components in order to obtain maximum benefits. The components of an Exhibition booth are as follows:

  1. Lighting:

Lighting is one of the easiest and effective ways to draw attention to a specific brand. A creative booth design uses perfect lighting that dramatically changes the atmosphere. Perfect lighting gives the exhibition booth an edge over its rivals. On the contrary, if there is improper lighting or no lighting at all, the stand looks incompetent and amateur.

For example, in a specific Jewellery Exhibition stand, there are small lights focusing on the outstanding pieces of jewelry on display. This makes their products stand out as potential customers flock to see the intricate jewels.

  1. On-stand furniture:

There is a minimum amount of basic furniture required in a stand depending upon the type of product and service that the brand is offering. The type of furniture varies from stand to stand. A basic table and chair is required in most booths for the booth handler to sit and interact with the visitor of the stall. They could need the table to put feedback forms, brochures and pamphlets on it. Also, jewelry stands have items on jewelry also displayed on the table for everybody to see.

  1. Ceilings and Canopies:

The ceilings, canopies, umbrellas and frames can be either functional or just decorative. The canopies should be according to the brand requirements and in compliance with the exhibition rules and regulations. It should enhance the layout of the exhibition and pull all concentration on the products as well as services.

  1. Utilities:

Basic utilities like water bottles, stationery, tea/coffee supplies, etc. are very important to be kept in reach so that no time is wasted of the exhibitors. The availability of important utilities in the stall makes sure that the exhibitors do not have to run around and waste time rather than attending the visitors that are passing-by continuously.

  1. Carpets/floor covering:

The flooring should be plain and shouldn’t have any rough edges to help people walk in ease and avoid tripping. Also, it should be of the colour that matches with the entire stall, yet is subtle so that it does not take away attention from the products or services being offered.

  1. AV equipment:

When a brand wants to promote their product or service through presentations, AV equipment is required. Proper cables and settings need to be organized for the AV equipment to work and the presentation and slides to be shown in an uninterrupted and systematized manner.

The equipment should be kept in such a way that the projector is not in the middle of the stall causing the exhibit workers and visitors to stumble on it. At the same time, the presentation screen should be placed in a manner that it is visible to the most amount of audience visiting the exhibition. Visual graphics are very attractive to the people and leave a long-lasting impact.

  1. Formal/ Informal Meeting areas:

A reception table at the entry is important so as to keep the pamphlets, brochures and take-outs for the passerby visitors. A formal meeting area can be assigned inside the stall, where potential clients actually interested can be explained about the product or service in detail.

For example, for a real-estate exhibition booth in India, the visitors can view the visual graphics from outside and the potential clients actually interested in the deals can come inside. Therefore, in-detail information can be provided to them by the assigned executive in the formal meeting area. This gives a very organized, peaceful and informatory ambience to the booth.

  1. Booth Storage:

There can be masked area in or behind your booth where you can store all the materials that are required during your exhibition. Also, one can order a cover or a drape through the General Services Contractor. All the required materials must be kept in an organized manner away from the public eye and must be only taken out when required in order to avoid de-cluttering.

  1. Cables and Power:

It is very important to keep the electrical available like USB sticks, adapters, chargers and cables, etc. The planning should be proper for the position of cables precisely, power and Ethernet. You can either lay them under the flooring or fix them around a stand and cover them so that they are not visible to the customers. The crucial thing to concentrate upon in this case is the health and safety measures as that is important for the stall as well as the entire exhibition.

The questions to pay attention here are:

  • What is your power requirement? Is it 5 amps, 10 amps or 20 amps?
  • Do you need to hire extra power, more than what is provided by the organizers?
  • Do you need something heavy- 3 phases or 5 phases?
  • Will the power be able to suffice the lighting and duration of the exhibition?
  • Will the power used be safe for the stall and people in and around it?
  1. Waste bins:

The exhibitors must make sure there is no trash left on the floor as it makes the exhibition look shabby. It is the primary responsibility of every exhibitor to ensure that there is cleanliness in and around their stall. There must be waste-bins kept inside the stall, maybe under the table, so that all waste paperwork and other trash is thrown easily. Also, if there is excessive trash, one might have to order a porter service as well. This makes sure that no wooden crates or large containers are left on the floor looking unpleasant.

Therefore, the above components are very crucial in the formulation of any exhibition booth design and should be kept in mind while designing of an exhibition stall as every important element should be incorporated.

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