An exhibition is an excellent chance for both, buyers and sellers, to update their knowledge about the other. It gives the business an opportunity to showcase their products and grab the eyeballs of the potential clients and also know theirs interests and feedbacks simultaneously.

According to a recent survey, it takes an average of 10 seconds time to pull the person to your stall in the exhibition or else they walk past it to the stalls ahead. In this short span of time, you have to make sure you design your stall in such a manner that the customers are attracted towards it instantly and have no choice but to come to your stall.

Exhibition stall designing is strategically planning your stall, interiors, product showcasing, services offered, visual and graphic signage, all in such a manner that it very eye-catching and all the elements in the stand flow together.

When all the above elements are combined together in an innovative and creative manner, a state-of-the-art exhibition is conducted which provides the maximum benefits and increased sales and feedback of the customers arriving at the exhibition.

Why Is The Exhibition Stall Design Necessary Chart


An exhibition stall designed to the optimum level of perfection yields benefits for a business that are beyond realm. It can make your stall stand out as compared to others and it can become an eye-catcher instantly. The benefits of a good exhibition stall design mentioned below:

  1. Wide Exposure: When your exhibition stall is well-designed and organized, you expand your exposure to a wide set of audience who are interested in your brand and initiates popularity among the crowd that is visiting the exhibition. An exhibition is a place where many potential customers flock to buy or just to roam, hence, there is a broad exposure of the brand due to mouth-to-mouth publicity and advertisements of the exhibition through media in the days to come.
  2. Brand Awareness: An attractive exhibition stall always garners more and more customers and this is one of the primary reasons that brands participate in the exhibitions. The stall engages the customers and attendees directly, explaining to them the products and services in detail. Hence, brand awareness spreads among the people who were not even aware of the brand name before.

For Example, an exhibition stall design for a Make-up brand can be plotted in such a way that a space is kept for Free Makeovers which tempts the customers to visit and know about the products of the brand and gain awareness.

  1. Direct Sales Opportunity: The kiosks in the Exhibition stand design can provide as a selling booth to have a direct exposure to an audience that have an interest in your products and services. People are interested in viewing the range of products and services that are provided in the booth so this is an opportunity to generate the sales. Once, one or two people are interested in the product range provided, many people flock in the same stall.
  2. Aids Networking: When more and more visitors visit your stall, there is a good chance to harness your network with various people. This results in better communication with your clients, informs them with necessary information about the brand and promotes your business simultaneously. This is a major advantage that profitable alliances are built in exhibitions.
  3. Develops Brand Loyalty: As you interact more and more with the customers through appealing exhibitions, people begin to trust you which ensure sales are repeated by the customers. And as the customers repeatedly purchase your products or services, brand loyalty is instilled among them which prove extremely beneficial for the organisation.
  4. Rise in creditability: When your exhibition stand is designed in innovative ways and people see it alongside major brands in the Trade Fair or Exhibition, they begin to trust you and your products and services. Hence, the creditability is increased multi-fold in the market when your well-designed booth or stall is besides the other top achievers in the industry at the exhibition.
  5. Engages Target Audience: One can design their booth in such a way that maximum audience is targeted and required response is received. This increases the consumer awareness competently as they are engaged in your stall and information is provided to them using a variety of methods and tools.

Example, a brand can include live food counters for their food products in their Expo Booth Design so that visitors can taste their products and decide accordingly whether to purchase or not. Either ways, consumers are mostly willing to taste free food and remember the brand through this technique.

  1. Database building: A perfectly designed exhibition booth enables you to interact with people face-to-face which help in meeting potential buyers. This proves as a base where one can build marketing lists and generate qualified sales leads for their products and services.
  2. Launching new product or service: An exhibition stall is one of the most beneficial methods in which a new product or service can be launched. Trade shows and exhibitions aid this launch in a way that you can explain in detail about your offerings in person and also answer questions if the product is innovative. The exhibition also benefits in return because people especially come to the launches if it is well-promoted. Also, media coverage can be provided for the same.

Example: Tata Motors recently unveiled their four new global models, including new flagship SUV and one electric vehicle at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show Exhibition. Using this launching strategy, the four launched cars became the talk of the world immediately.

  1. Creates a Lasting Impression: Well- designed booths and displays can generate lasting impressions that will help you keep a place in the minds of the potential customers. Even days after the exhibition is over, the attendees remember what they saw if we offer appealing displays, contesting opportunities and distribute carefully chosen promotional items. All these techniques help to gather the attention of the attendees easily and leave a long lasting impact on them.

Therefore, the Exhibition Stall Design is very necessary as it provides the above advantages to your brand. A brand that concentrates and invests in good booth design at their exhibits yields exceeding benefits from them which are beneficial to the organisation in the long run as well.

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